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Magtech Industries

Magtech Industries offers powerful self-diagnostic battery backups for LED fixtures. Their Emergency Drivers contain Self-Diagnostic technology to test and diagnose, emergency fixtures on a monthly and yearly basis, as per national code. Saving your customers time and money while staying code compliant.

Etherium Lighting

Etherium Lighting is based in the heart of Columbus, Ohio, and with a secondary warehouse location in Los Angeles, California to help accommodate the high demand of Electrical Distribution. Specializing in LED commercial and industrial products, they possess global expertise and hometown values that have allowed them to make a noticeable impact in the industry, providing the highest level of satisfaction to our clients while utilizing the latest LED technology to retrofit and upgrade businesses of all types. Their vision is to enhance energy savings and reductions to improve environmental impact and overall business efficiency. Etherium Lighting is focused on the cutting-edge technology of LED performance, which is reflected in both the in-house manufacturing and installation aspects.

Snowball Lighting 

Snowball Lighting is a Texas based company offering a wide variety of fixtures ranging from industrial and commercial fixtures to elegant architectural chandeliers. This line is very flexible in limitless applications, offering a wide variety of product and control options to fit your customer’s needs. Snowball Lighting is manufacturing more of their products here in the United States which allows them to have superior lead times, stronger availability and quicker response times. They can customize any of their products with all their tooling and powder coating capabilities Stateside.

Lynxus Technologies

Lynxus Technologies offers Wireless Lighting Solutions that allow your customers to manage their building operations. Lynxus offers customers the ability to monitor, schedule and control all aspects of their lighting system.